Practice Questions For CPC Exam 2017 -Part 6

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  1. A patient present with a Xomed bone conductor, which requires repair. This electromagnetic bone conduction hearing device was removed via a postauricular incision. The wound is irrigated and repaired with sutures.
    A. 69710
    B. 69717, 69711
    C. 69710, 69711
  2. A patient glaucoma continues to progress despite the use of medication regimens and laser treatments. The ophthalmologist performs a trabeculotomy on both eyes under local anesthesia.
    A. 65800, 66030
    B. 65850-50
    C. 66150-50
    D. 66170-50
  3. A catheter is placed within the common hepatic artery, dye is injected and imaging is obtained. A stenosis within this artery is identified. A percutaneous transuluminal angioplasty is performed on the common hepatic (visceral) artery in the outpatient radiology department.
    A. 36245, 75710-26, 37220
    B. 36246, 75726-26, 35471, 75966-26
    C. 36245, 37220
    D. 36247, 75716, 75625, 37223, 75962
  4. Radiation oncology involves clinical treatment planning. A patient presents for treatment planning and field setting involving two separate treatment areas and multiple blocks.
    A. 77261, 77295
    B. 77262, 77280
    C. 77262, 77285
    D. 77263, 77290
  5. The physician orders and performs an ultrasound with real time image documentation for fetal and maternal evaluation using a transabdominal approach on a patient who is expecting twins and is in the 11th week of gestation?
    A. 76801, 76802
    B. 76811, 76812
    C. 76815
    D. 76816 x2
  6. A screening bilateral mammography is performed followed by computer aided detection applied to the films to analyze lesions.
    A. 77057, 77052
    B. 77056, 77051
    C. 77057
    D. 77059
  7. The patient presents with neck pain radiating across the left shoulder. The physician orders and interprets cervical spine X-rays including lateral and anterior/posterior views.
    Select the procedure fordes for the X-rays performed and interpreted in the physicians office.
    A. 72040
    B. 72040-26
    C. 72020-26 x2
    D. 72050
  8. A 55 year old patient with suspected liver cancer was seen by the physician to obtain biopsies. The patient is administered moderate sedation for 35 minutes by the physician performing the biopsies. During the sedation, a trained independent observer monitors the patient. The special biopsy needle was placed using ultrasonic guidance. The physician obtained two core biopsies, which were then sent to pathology
    A. 47000, 77002-26, 99143
    B. 47100, 76942-26, 99148
    C. 47000, 76942-26
    D. 47000, 77002-26
  9. A physician performs a transrectal ultrasound of the prostate for a mass noted in examination. This is to out malignancy in the prostate gland.
    A.  76870
    B.  76872
    C.  76942
    D.  76873
  10. A Kidney transplant patient with a diagnosis of hypertensive heart disease without heart failure and stage IV chronic kidney disease receives an ultrasound to check the overall blood flow of the kidneys.
    A. 76776
    B.  76770
    C.  76775
    D.  76705
  11. A 65 year old female has endometrium cancer. She will be receiving stereotactic body radiation therapy image guidance. Beams arranaged in 8 fields will deliver 25 Gy per fraction for 4 fractions. What CPT codes are reported
    A. 77373
    B. 77406
    C.  77374
    D.  77241
  12. An 8 day old being circumcised. Topical anesthesia is used for the procedure. The foreskins of the penis is clamped with a plastic device and the excess protruding skin is trimmed. Dorsal side of the penis is crushed with forceps and a cut is made through the crushed tissue with scissors and divided foreskin is fitted in a bell shaped clamp. Clamp is left in place and falls off when healing has finished.
    A. 54150, 64450
    B. 54150-53
    C. 54160, 64450
    D. 54150-52
  13. Patients 6 month old and has an undescended right testicle. Patient is placed under general anesthesia.  Attention was directed to the testicle on the right side.  The testicle was not in the scrotum. An inguinal incision was made and extended to the abdominal cavity.  Testicle was palpated and visualized in the abdominal cavity.  Once this was completed the testicle was then delivered into the operative field and examined. A sub Dattos pouch was created then the testicle was pexed at 3.6 and 9 o’clock position with a 50 Prolene.  The skin was closed with sutures.
    A. 54620-RT
    B. 54600
    C. 54650
  14. A paravaginal dissected repair including a cystocele via vaginal approach is performed on a 38 year old patient.
    A. 57285
    B. 57285, 57240-51
    C. 57200, 57285-51
    D. 57285, 57260-51
  15. 38 year old female requested to have sterilization. The patient is placed supine on the OR table, placed under general anesthesia scrubbed and draped in the usual sterile manner. The abdomen is cannulated and insufflated with C02.  Four ports are placed. The colon is retracted. A laser is used to fulgurated the fallopian tubes. The physician transects the fallopian tubes. All posts were removed and port sites sutured closed with 2 prolene.
    A. 58661
    B. 58662
    C. 58673

    D. 58670

  16. Preoperative Diagnosis: Right ureteral calculus
    Postoperative Diagnosis: Right intramural ureteral calculus
    Finding: 5 mm stone impacted at the beginning of the intramural ureter on the right
    Procedure: Patient brought to the operating room and given general anesthesia by LMA prepped and draped and laid in the lithotomy position. Under fluoroscopic guidance the stone was visualized in the ureter. A .038 Teflon-coated guidewire was passed up to the kidney.

    ACMI rigid ureteroscope was passed up the ureter and the stone identified appearing white in color. An electric hydraulic lithotripter probe is passed through the endoscope destroying the calculus. A 26cm x #6 French double J stent was passed up the ureter and the guidewire removed. Fluoroscopy showed the upper and curled in the pelvis. A cystoscopy was performed in the lower end and the bladder. A pullout string was maintained for later removal of the stent. After draining the bladder, the patient was transported to recovery in stable condition.
    A. 52352, 52332
    B. 52353, 52332
    C. 52310, 52282
    D. 52356

  17. A 38 year old female requested to have sterlization. The patient is placed in supine position in OR table, placed under general anesthesia, scrubbed, and draped in the usual sterile manner. The abdomen is cannulated and insufflated with CO2,. Four ports are placed. The colon is retracted. A laser is used to fulgurate the fallopian tubes. The physician transects the fallopian tubes. All ports were removed and port sites sured closed with 2 Prolene.


  18. A hospital based radiologist performs the injection and radiology supervision and interpretation for a shoulder arthrography.
    A. 20610, 73201-26
    B. 73040-26
    C. 23350, 73040-26
    D. 73040-26, 96372
  19. A patient presents for radiation oncology treatment planning for five separate areas and simulation aided filed settings involving two separate treatment areas.
    A. 77261, 77295
    B. 77262, 77280
    C. 77263, 77285
    D. 77263, 77290
  20. A patient who has endometriosis has decided to have a total hysterectomy. Under general anesthesia a 12mm incision is made in the infraumbilical folds and the Veress needle is introduced in the abdominal cavity.  The abdomen is insufflated with C02 gas to pressure of mm Hg. A 12mm scope was introduced into the abdomen and intraabdominal placement was confirmed the laparoscope with the placing of two ports.  The uterus and cervix are dissected free from the bladder and surrounding tissues. Both ovaries and both fallopian tubes are not removed. The abdominal cavity is deflated and instruments removed. The incision is closed in two layers. The uterus weighs 250gm.
    A. 58570
    B. 58573
    C. 58150
    D. 58291
  21. Patient has lung cancer in his lower right lobe. Patient is in the operating suite to have a video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS). A mm zero degree thoracoscope was inserted in the right pleural cavity through a port site placed in the sixth intercostal space on the midaxillary line. Two additional port sites were placed in the fifth intercostal space on the posterior and anterior midaxillary line. removal of the total right lower lobe with the moass is performed thoracospically. inspection of the lung revealed normal pulmonary parenchyma. After closing he port sites and inserting a chest tube, the patient was extubated and was transferred to the surgical intensive care unit for observation.
    A. 32480
    B. 32663
    C. 32671
    D. 32663, 32601-51
  22. Julie, a 28-year-old ESRD patient was seen by Dr. Jeri in an outpatient hospital facility for treatment of an obstructed hemodialysis AV graft. Dr. Jeri provided moderate conscious sedation to Julie for percutaneous transluminal balloon angioplasty of the venous portion of the graft. This procedure lasted 45 minutes. Julie had an excellent result and was released to home after recovery from the treatment. Dr. Jeri performed the professional radiological supervision and interpretation with this procedure. What code(s) capture this service?
    A. 35476, 75978-26
    B. 35460, 75962-26
    C. 36476, 92982, 75978-26
    D. 36476, 99144, 99145, 75878-26
  23. Roger had a rhinoplasty to correct damage caused by a broken nose. One year later he had a secondary rhinoplasty with major revisions. At the end of the second surgery the incisions were closed with a single layer technique. How would you report the second procedure?

    A. 30450
    B. 30450-78
    C. 30420, 12014
    D. 30430, 12014-59

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