Practice Questions For CPC Exam 2017 -Part 5

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This is fifth post of my next CPC Practice Questions 2017 series post. I will publish more questions in coming days. Do check these. Practice more and more these questions and find answers in the next post.

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  1. An ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist conducts cochlear function studies on a new patient who is being examined for hearing loss. Electrocochlegrahy determines the patient has a central perforation of tympanic membrane. Which CPT codes should be used to report the encounter.
    A. 92601
    B. 92603
    C. 92584
    D. 92586
  2. A medicare patient is seen by the nurse for a flu vaccination. The nurse administers the flu vaccine in the right deltoid. The physician reviews the chart and signs off on the nurse’s note.
    A. 90471, 90656,
    B. G0008, 90656
    C. 99211-25, G0008, 90656
    D. 99212-25, 90460, 90656
  3. A patient presents to the physician’s office for the first time in two years with a cough and sore throat. The physician suspect strep throat and does a brief history of the present illness and an expanded problem focused exam. The quick strep test results are negative and the medical decision making is of straightforward complexity
    A. 99212, 87880
    B. 99201, 86580
    C. 99212, 87880
    D. 99213, 86580
  4. A 65 year old patient is brought into the ER in cardiac arrest. The emergency room physician spends 15 minutes with the critically ill patient. He uses CPR and emergency endotracheal intubation to stabilize patient. The ER physician makes a notation that the 15 minutes does not include the time for other separate billable services.
    A. 99285-25, 92950, 31500
    B. 99291-25, 92961, 31500
    C. 92950, 31500
    D. 99291-25, 92950, 31500
  5. A 16year old female has just moved to the area from out of state. She has numerous problems and is seen for evaluation and management. The physician documents a comprehensive history and physical and a medical decision making, which is moderate. After the visit, the physician spends an additional 45 minutes in a prolonged discussion with the patient’s parents, he reviews complex and detailed medical records from her previous physicians and completes a comprehensive treatment plan. He personally initiates the case plan with the local health agency and a dietician
    A. 99204
    B. 99203
    C. 99204, 99358
    D. 99202, 99358
  6. A Physician admitted a 28 days old male baby to inpatient critical case for respiratory arrest. The physician performs CPR, emergency endrotracheal intrubation, and insertion of an umbilical venous catheter in order to stabilize his condition.
    A. 99468-25,92950
    B. 92950, 31500, 36510
    C. 99471
    D. 99291-25, 99292, 92950, 31500, 36510
  7. A physican assistant counsels a mother about the importance of vaccinations and administers the DTaP by intramuscular route, MMR (live) immunization by subcutaneous route, and Hib (HbOC conjugate) by intramuscular route to a four month old established patient during a well baby check.
    A.99391-25, 90707, 90645, 90460 x3, 90461 x4
    B. 90700, 90707, 90645, 90460 x3, 90461 x4
    C. 99391-25, 90720, 90707, 90472 x3
    D. 99213-25, 90707, 90721, 90460, 90461 x2
  8. The physician sees a 15 year old established patient two times a dialysis procedure to declot the access cannula during the hemodialysis process. The cannuals requires declotting during the procedure.
    A. 90937
    B. 36861
    C. 9093, 36860
    D. 90935, 36861
  9. An ophthalmologist conducts serial tonometry with multiple measurements of intraocular pressure over an extended time period. The patient requesting physician receive the interpretation and report on the same date of service.
    A. 92100
    B. 0198T
    C. 99212
    D. 92083
  10. A patient is referred to the hospital radiology clinic for numbness and tingling in the arms that the physician suspect is related to thoracic outlet syndrome. The radiologist performs a Doppler analog waveform analyze a photoplethysmography and a flow velocity signal of the arteries of both arms. A duplex scan of both arms is also performed.
    A. 93922-TC, 93930-TC
    B. 93922-52-TC, 93930-50-TC
    C. 93922-26, 93925-26
    D. 93922-26, 93930-26
  11. A patient presents to the oncology office for her scheduled chemotherapy. During encounter she receives IV chemo medication for two hours and 16 minutes.
    A. 96413, 96415
    B. 99211-25, 96413, 96417
    C. 99211, 96413, 96417
    D. 96413, 96365
  12. Eight-year old bobby is seen by his urologist on February 15 and 28 2014. The provider evaluate bobby nutritional intake, assesses his growth and development and counsels with bobbys parents answering their questions and providing care instructions. What is the correct CPT code for this encounter
    A. 90951
    B. 90952
    C. 90955
    D. 90956
  13. an established patient suffering from migraines without aura, no mention of intractable migraine, no mention of status migranosus, is seen by his ophthalmologist who conducts a visual field examination of both eyes. The examination was accomplished plotting 4 isopters utilizing the Goldman perimeter testing method. The patient and requesting physician receive the interpretation and report on the same date of service.
    A. 92083
    B.  92084
    C.  92082
    D. 92081
  14. What CPT codes whould be used for a patient suffering from myopathy, requiring the occupational therapist to perform 30 minutes of intermittent hot and cold water baths to the hand
    A. 971010
    B. 97022
    C. 97039 x 2
    D. 97034 x 2
  15. A 59year old male presented with DJD and spondylotheis at T4-T5. The patient is placed prone on the operating table and after induction of general anesthesia, the lower back was sterilely prepped and draped.  One incision was made over T2-T6.  This was confirmed with a probe under fluoroscopy. Laminectomies  was done at T4 and T5 with fasciectomies to relieve pressure to the nerve roots.  Allograft was packed in the gutters form T2-T6 for arthrodesis.  Pedicle screws were placed at T2, T3, and T4.  The construct was copiously irrigated and muscles fascia and skin were closed in layers.
    A. 63003 x2, 22610, 22614 x3, 22842
    B. 63064, 63066, 22808, 22841 x3
    C. 63046, 63048, 22610, 22614 x3, 22842
    D. 63016, 63048, 22610, 22808, 22842 x3
  16. A patient presents for excision on two lipomas in his right left.  After satisfactory local anesthesia, a longitudinal skin incision was made, and then 1 carefully indentified two lipomas, which were then sharply dissected away from the surrounding subcutaneous tissue, 1 excised both lipomas in total with the one in the high measuring 2.6cm and the one in the lower leg measuring 3.0cm.
    After adequate homeostasis we then closed the incisions by using a 3-0 Vicryl suture subcuticularly followed by staples for both incisions
    A. 27337-RT, 27327-RT
    B. 27632-51-RT, 27328-RT
    C. 27619-51-RT, 27634-RT
  17. A patient with calcaneal spurs receives low energy extracorporeal shock wave therapeutic results.  What is the CPT code.
    a-      28890
    b-      0019T
    c-       0101T
    d-      28899
  18. A patient is taken to the operating room for a unilateral partial thyroid lobectomy with isthmusectomy.
    A. 60210
    B. 60212
    C. 60220-52
    D. 60225
  19. An iridectomy with intracapular removal of cataract is performed on the left eye. An intrancular lens is also inserted during this encounter
    A. 66761-LT, 66840-LT-51, 66985-LT
    B. 66982-50, 66985-50-51
    C. 66983-LT, 66920-LT
    D. 66983-LT
  20. A couple presents to the freestanding fertility clinic. The wife has finished her cancer treatment and is ready to have in vitro fertilization. The embryos are aspirated in a catheter. The catheter is passed through the cervical ox and into uterus. The embryos are injected into the uterus.
    A. 58970
    B. 58976
    C. 58974

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