Practice Questions For CPC Exam 2017 -Part 4

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This is fourth post of my next CPC Practice Questions 2017 series post. I will publish more questions in coming days. Do check these. Practice more and more these questions and find answers in the next post.

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  1. 30 year old female having suction assisted lipectomy (15877) performed on her loves handles and abdomen.  She is also getting a right and left breast augmentation.  The liposuction of the love handles was performed through two stab incisions.  The right and left handles had a total of 600cc of fat removed. Attention is turned to the abdomen.  A periumblical incision is made and liposuction was performed on each of the four quadrants.  A total of 850cc of fat was removed.  Next inframammary crease incisions were made on the right breast going through skin, subcutaneous tissue, down to the capsule itself.  A subglandular pocket was made inserting a 340cc Alergan textured high profile implant.  The same size implant was used for the same procedure I performed on the left breast.  All wounds were closed with deep sutures.  Antibiotic ointment and dressing were applied to the incision sites.
    A. 15877, 19325-50
    B. 15830, 19340-50
    C. 15830, 15847, 19324-50
    D. 15877, 19340-50
  2. Which CPT code describe the destruction using electrosutgery to the right leg on a patient diagnosed with 10 benign lesions and removal of 10 fibrocutaneous tags during the same session
    A. 11200, 17110
    B. 11200, 11021-51, 17000-51, 17003-51 x9
    C. 11200 x 20,
    D. 11200, 11201, 17000-51, 17003 x 9
  3. A 12year old male has received 64  percent total body surface area burns after being trapped in a burning car,  The surgeon has already performed excision of the burns and application of skin grafting to the patient’s upper extremities two days prior.  The patient is being returned to the OR today for excision of the full thickness burns of the posterior and anterior trunk with simultaneous application of integra (facellular dermal skin substitute replacement). After surgical preparation of the anterior and posterior trunk, a total of 480sq cm were excised with a Watson knife until viable tissue was encountered.  Homeostasis was  obtained with electrocautery with then with Epi soaked pads.  The Integra sheets were gently scooped out of holding basin and placed on the excised wound bed, checked to ensure no air bubbles or wrinkles remained and excess material was trimmed.  The seams were placed along Langer’s lines to reduce risk of contracture.  A net dressing was applied and expanded over the graft site and secured with staples,  The wound was covered with gauze dressing and secured with bolster to prevent mechanical shear.
    A. 15271-78, 15272-78 x19, 15002-78, 15003-78 x4
    B. 15273-58, 15274-58 x4, 15002-58, 15003-58 x4
    C. 15277-58, 15278-58 x3, 15002-58, 15003-58 x3
    D. 15273-78, 15274-78 x3, 15002-78, 15003-78 x3
  4. The physician removes a tumor form a patients hand using Motis micrographic surgery technique.  During the first state, the physician takes six tissue blocks and reviews them under a microscope.  The exam of the tissue blocks reveals a second state is necessary to remove areas where the tumor is still present and the physician subsequently removes two additional tissue blocks.  The physician repairs the wound site using a rotation flap transfer measuring 5 square centimeters.
    A. 17311, 17312, 17315, 15777
    B. 17311, 17315, 15620
    C. 17311, 17312, 17315, 14040
    D. 17311, 17312, 17315
  5. Select the procedure and diagnosis codes used to identify the removal of excess skin and fat pad from lower left eyelid and lower right eyelid for herniated fat pad of the eyelid
    A. 15820-E1, 15820-E3
    B. 15822-50, 374.34
    C. 15821-50, 374.34
    D. 15823-E1, 15823-E3
  6. A surgeon  performes a unilateral mastectomy on a breast cancer patient  removing  overlying skin,for labeling of suspensory tissue,axillary and internal lymph nodes and muscle. At the same time,breast reconstruction is performed with a latissimus dorsi flap of skin,fat and muscle taken from her back.
    Select  the CPT codes for this scenario.
    a-      19306,19361-51
    b-      19307,19367-51
    c-       19305,19364-51
    d-      19304,19366-51
  7. The patient  presents with pressure ulcer of both lower extremities. The doctor debrides a 2 sq cm ulcer from the right calf subcutaneously, a  4 sq cm ulcer of the right heel  debrided to the bone and a 3 sq cm ulcer of the left heel debrided to the bone.
    a-      11044,11042-59
    b-      11043,11042-59
    c-       11043,11042-59
  8. The physician removes a tumor from the patient’s hand using Mohs micrographic. During the first stage,the physician takes six tissue blocks and reviews them, under  the exam of the tissue  blocks reveals a second stage is necessary to remove areas where the tissue examine and the physician subsequently removes two additional tissue blocks. The physician repots by using a rotation flap transfer measuring  5 sq cm.  What are the appropriate CPT code for reporting the procedure
    a-     17311,17312,17315,15777
    b-     17311,17315,15620
    c-      17311,17312,17315,14040
    d-     17311,17312,17315
  9. select the procedure and diagnosis codes used to identify the removal of excess skin from the  lower left eyelid and lower right eyelid for herniated fat pad of eyelid.
    a-      15820-E1,15820-E3,
    b-      15822-50,
    c-       15821-50,
    d-      15823-E1,15823-E3
  10. Which CPT code should be used for  reporting the removal of 20 actinic keratosis..
    a-      17111
    b-      17110,17111
    c-       17000,17003X19
    d-      17004
  11. What Cpt codes describe the destruction using electrosurgery to the right leg with 10 benign lesions and removal of 10 Fibrocutaneous tags during the same sesson.
    a-      11200,17110
    b-      11200,11021-51,17000-51,17003×9
    c-       11200×20
    d-      11200,11201,17000-51,17003×9
  12. Which CPT code(s) should be used for reporting the destruction of 15 benign lesion .
    a-      17004
    b-      17110,17111
    c-       17000,17003×14
    d-      17111
  13. A 32-year old male with basal cell cancer, morphea type of the scalp that had been left untreated previously. Physician performed wide excision 2 x 3 cm at the vertex. A V-Y plasty flap has been also done.
    A. 11622, 14020-51, 12032-51
    B. 14020
    C. 14040, 12031-51
    D. 11622
  14. Within the organ or disease oriented panels, which four panels include codes for tests of potassium (84132), glucose (82947), and sodium (84295)?
    A. 80048, 80050, 80053, 80061
    B. 80048, 80050, 80053, 80069
    C. 80048, 80051, 80061, 80069
    D. 80051, 80055, 80069, 80076
  15. Lab results of a urine test of total proteins reveals abnormally high levels of ketones, which the body may produce when fats rather than glucose, are used for energy. Based on the results, the ordering physican takes a blood sample from the patient to test for glucose levels. The ordering physician sends the blood to the lab for a glucose level.
    A. 82947
    B. 83036
    C. 84156,82947
    D. 84156,83021
  16. The pathologic examination of a single bone biopsy is performed and requires a decalcification process. The decalcification process is performed on two separate blocks of the bone specimen.
    A. 88307, 88311 x2
    B. 88307, 88311
    C. 88307 x2, 88311
    D. 88307 x2, 88311 x2
  17. The geneticist develops two karyotypes with banding involving a 20 cell count to verify a suspected genetic anomal. The service includes interpretation and reports
    A. 88262, 88291
    B. 88261, 88285
    C. 88262
    D. 88248, 88291
  18. Embryos are collected into an approved sterile container for later attempts at insemination by transfer to a woman’s uterus, the embryos are cryopreserved four days cooled and stored in liquid nitrogen.
    A. 89258
    B. 89259, 89346
    C. 89259, 89343
    D. 89258, 89342
  19. A young man found dead in his compartment. The physician performed postmartum  and prepare evidence for court case.
    a-      88020
    b-      88045
    c-       88025
    d-      88040
  20. An arterial  blood gas with Oxygen saturation by direct measurement sample in the drug, procedure done at for 3 days at  different interval s on the same day. The ordering physician has lab perform.
    Which code should the lab report for the service
    a-      82805,82805-91X3 units.
    b-      82803-91,99000
    c-       82803,82803-91×3 units

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