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ICD -10 Coding Practice For Beginners

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This is another post for medical codingĀ  beginners. These are also useful for freshers medical coding job interviews and do practice more for enhancing your ICD 10 coding skills in 2018.

  1. A patient with CKD stage 5 requiring dialysis that the patient is receiving would be coded as:
  2. Patient presents with left ear pain for past 3 days. Exam reveals a ruptured tympanic membrane with serous fluid from the right ear. Diagnosis is suppurative otitis media.
  3. A patient is diagnosed with congenital mitral stenosis.
  4. A baby is admitted to the hospital after being born in the car on the way to hospital.
  5. Jake is seen for a 2nd degree sunburn on his back.
  6. Patient is seen for hypertensive heart disease and stage 3 chronic kidney disease.
  7. A 2 year old male is seen in follow – up with a genetic counselor for test results. Test results show the patient has fragile X syndrome.
  8. Excludes II notes are provided to indicate ICD-10 codes that:
  9. Mother presents with 3-yr old daughter that has been difficult at home with tantrums, crying and being quite disagreeable. Mother has tried time out, taking possessions and nothing seems to work. The father recently left the home. She is diagnosed with adjustment disorder.
  10. A patient is diagnosed with hypertrophy of adenoids and tonsils.
  11. What is the code for systolic heart failure ?
  12. A 2 day old baby is suspected to be in withdrawal. The neonate’s mother is an alcoholic and used alcohol up until delivery.
  13. A pregnant type 1 diabetic patient presents for a check up at 31 weeks along in her pregnancy.
  14. 67 year old patient is seen for follow up of primary osteoarthritis of the right knee.
  15. A man presents to the clinic for the results of his HIV testing after being notified that a former partner was diagnosed with HIV . He was tested 2 weeks ago and today is informed the test was negative.
  16. A______ instructs that 2 codes may be required to fully describe a condition, but this note does not provide sequencing direction.
  17. A patient is seen in follow up for endometriosis.
  18. Ms. Jones comes to her PCP. She is tearful, unable to sleep, with difficulty making decisions. She recently lost her husband of 45 years. She is diagnosed with adjustment disorder depression.
  19. Patients presents for follow up visit for HTN, hyperlipidemia and CKD.
  20. An elderly lady is seen in the emergency department for extreme back pain that began one day prior. She has postmenopausal osteoporosis and does not recall any trauma. X-rays reveal lumbar vertebral fracture. She is diagnosed with an osteoporotic L1-L3 fracture.



  1. N18.6, Z99.2
  2. H66.41, H72.91
  3. Q23.2
  4. Z38.1
  5. L55.1
  6. I13.10, N18.3
  7. Q99.2
  8. Not included here but can be code
  9. F43.25
  10. J35.3
  11. I50.20
  12. P04.3
  13. O24.013,E10.9, Z3A.31
  14. M17.11
  15. Z71.7
  16. Code also
  17. N80.9
  18. F43.21
  19. N18.9, E78.5, I12.9
  20. M80.08XA

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