CPC Exam 2013 Questions – Part Two

CPC Exam 2013 Questions


What is the correct ICD-9-CM code(s) for malignant hypertension with stage III kidney disease?

  • 403.00, 585.3
  • 401.0
  • 403.00
  • 401.0, 585.3

Lucy was standing on a chair in her kitchen trying to change a light bulb when she slipped and fell. She struck the glass top stove, which shattered. She presents to the ER with a simple laceration to her forearm that has embedded glass particles.

  • 881.10, E888.1, E920.8
  • 881.00, E888.1, E849.0
  • 881.10, E888.0, E920.8
  • 881.00, E888.0, E849.0

Jim was at a bonfire when he tripped and fell into the flames. Jim sustained multiple burns. He came to the emergency room via an ambulance and was treated for second and third degree burns on his face, second degree burn on his shoulders and forearms, and third degree burns on the fronts of his thighs.

  • 941.30, 943.29, 945.36, 948.64, E897
  • 941.09, 943.09, 945.09, 948.64, E897
  • 941.30, 945.36, 943.29, 948.42, E897
  • 941.20, 941.30, 943.25, 943.21, 945.36, 948.42, E897

A 35 year old woman who is pregnant with her first child is admitted to the hospital. She experiences a prolonged labor during the first stage and eventually births a healthy baby boy.

  • 662.01, 659.5, V27.0
  • 650, 662.01, 659.6, V27.0
  • 650, V27.0
  • 662.00, 659.6, V27.0

Henry was playing baseball and slid for home base where he collided with another player. He presents to the emergency department complaining of pain in the distal portion of his right middle finger. It is swollen and deformed. The physician orders an x-ray and diagnoses Henry with a tuft fracture. He splints the finger, provides narcotics for pain, and instructs Henry to follow-up with his orthopedist in two weeks.

  • 815.04, E917.0
  • 814.09, E007.3
  • 815.03, E917.0
  • 816.02, E007.3

A 60 year old male is admitted for detoxification and rehabilitation. He has continuously abused amphetamines to the point that he cannot voluntarily stop on his own and has become dependent upon them. He also has a long documented history of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. He experiences high levels of anxiety due to PTSD, which causes him to use and abuse substances.

  • 305.71, 304.41, 305.00, 303.91, 300.00, 309.81
  • 304.71, 305.00, 300.00, 309.81
  • 304.41, 303.91, 300.00, 309.81
  • 305.71, 304.41, 305.00, 303.91, 300.02, 309.81

A patient with uncontrolled type II diabetes is experiencing blurred vision and an increase in floaters appearing in her vision. She is diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy.

  • 362.10, 250.02
  • 250.52, 362.01
  • 362.01, 250.52
  • 250.00, 362.0

Signs and symptoms that are associated routinely with a disease process should not be assigned as additional codes, unless otherwise instructed by classification.

  • True
  • False


A patient who is known to be HIV positive but who has no documented symptoms would be assigned code

  • 079.53
  • V08
  • 795.71
  • 042

A patient fell asleep on the beach and comes in with blistering on her back. She is diagnosed with second degree solar radiation burns.

  • 692.76
  • 692.72
  • 942.24
  • 692.82


A patient has a home health aide come to his home to clean and dress a burn on his lower leg. The aide uses a special absorptive, sterile dressing to cover a 20 sq. cm. area. She also covers a 15sq area with a self adhesive sterile gauze pad.

  • A6204, A6219
  • A6252, A6219
  • A6252, A6403
  • A6204, A6403

A 12 year old arrives in his pediatrician’s office after colliding with another player during a soccer game. He is complaining of pain in his right wrist. The physician orders an x-ray and diagnoses him with a hairline fracture of the distal radius. He has a short arm fiberglass cast applied and discharges him with follow up instructions.

  • Q4010
  • Q4022
  • Q4012
  • Q4009

A patient with Hodgkin’s disease takes Neosar as part of his chemotherapy regiment. He receives 100 mg once a week through intravenous infusion.

  • J8999
  • J9070
  • J7502
  • J9100

A patient with diabetes is fitted for custom molded shoes. What is the code range for such a fitting?

  • E0100-E8002
  • K0001-K0899
  • A5500-A5513
  • L3201-L3649

A 300lb. paraplegic needs a special sized wheelchair with fixed arm rests and elevating leg rests.

  • E1195
  • E1222
  • E1160
  • E1087

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A patient comes into her doctor’s office for her weekly blood sugar check. Her blood is drawn by the LPN on staff, the visit takes about 5 minutes total.

  • 99211
  • 99212
  • 99201

A three year old child is brought into the ER after swallowing a penny. A detailed history and exam are taken on the child and medical decision making is of moderate complexity. The child is admitted to observation for three hours and is then discharged home.

  • 99234
  • 99218; 99217
  • 99235
  • 99218

A 20 month old child is admitted to the hospital with pneumonia and acute respiratory distress. The physician spends 3 minutes intubating the child and spends 90 minutes of Critical Care time stabilizing the patient.

  • 99471; 518.82; 486
  • 99291-25; 99292-25; 31500; 786.09; 486
  • 99471-25; 31500; 786.09; 486
  • 99291; 99292-25; 31500; 518.82; 486

At the request of a physician who is delivering for a high risk pregnancy, Dr. Smith, a pediatrician, is present in the delivery room to assist the infant if needed. After thirty minutes the infant is born, but is not breathing. The delivering physician hands the infant to Dr. Smith who provides chest compressions and resuscitates the infant. The pediatrician then performs the initial evaluation and management and admits the healthy newborn to the nursery. What codes should Dr. Smith submit on a claim?

  • 99360; 99465
  • 99465; 99460
  • 99360; 99460
  • 99360;99465; 99460


Mr. Johnson is a 79 year old established male patient that is seen by Dr. Anderson for his annual physical exam. During the examination Dr. Anderson notices a suspicious mole on Mr. Johnson’s back. The Doctor completes the annual exam and documents a detailed history and exam and the time discussing the patient’s need to quit smoking. Dr. Anderson then turns his attention to the mole and does a complete work up. He documents a comprehensive history and examination and medical decision making of moderate complexity. He also called a local dermatologist and made an appointment for Mr. Johnson to see him the next day for an evaluation and biopsy.

  • 99397, 99215
  • 99397, 99205
  • 99387, 99215
  • 99387, 99205

An E/M is made up of seven components six of which are used in defining the levels of E/M services. The seven components include History, Exam, Medical Decision Making, Counseling, Coordination of Care, Nature of Presenting Problem, and Time. Which six of these seven parts help define the level of the E/M service?

  • History, Exam, Medical Decision Making, Coordination of Care, Nature of Presenting Problem, and Time
  • History, Exam, Medical Decision Making, Counseling, Nature of Presenting Problem, and Time
  • History, Exam, Medical Decision Making, Counseling, Coordination of Care, and Nature of Presenting Problem
  • History, Exam, Medical Decision Making, Counseling, Coordination of Care, and Time


The correct anesthesia code for a ventral hernia repair on a 13 month old child is

  • 00820
  • 00832
  • 00834
  • 00830

A patient is placed under anesthesia to have an exploratory surgery done on her wrist. The surgeon utilizes a small fiber optic scope and investigates the radius, ulna, and surrounding wrist bones. What should the anesthesiologist code for?

  • 29840
  • 01830
  • 01820
  • 01829

When does anesthesia time begin?

  • After the induction of anesthesia is complete
  • During the pre-operative exam prior to entering the OR
  • When the anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient for the induction of anesthesia
  • Once the supervising physician signs over the patient’s care to the anesthesiologist


A five month old is brought into the operating room for open heart surgery. The surgeon performs a repair of a small hole that was found in the lining surrounding the patient’s heart. Anesthesia was provided as well as the assistance of an oxygenator pump.

  • 00560, 99100
  • 00561
  • 00567, 99100
  • 00561, 99100

A 72 year old male with a history of severe asthma is placed under anesthesia to have a long tendon in his upper arm repaired

  • 01714-P4
  • 01714-P3, 99100
  • 01716-P3
  • 01712-P4, 99100

Which of the following procedures can be coded separately when performed by the anesthesiologist?

  • Monitoring of an EKG
  • Capnography
  • Monitoring of a central venous line
  • Administration of blood

A female who is 17 weeks pregnant is rushed into the OR due to a ruptured tubal pregnancy. She has a severe hemorrhage and has an emergency laparoscopic tubal ligation.

  • 00851-P5, 99140
  • 00880-P4
  • 01965-P5
  • 00880-P5, 99140


A healthy five year old male is placed under anesthesia to have a biopsy taken from his left ear drum.

  • 00120-P1
  • 00124-P2
  • 00170-P2
  • 00126-P1


A 75 year old healthy male patient sustained a hip dislocation following a fall. He is taken to the OR and plans to be placed under general anesthesia prior to the hip reduction. The anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient at 8:15am. AT 8:30am the patient is induced with anesthesia and the anesthesiologist is monitoring the patient’s vitals, ECG, pulse ox, and capnography. The surgeon begins the reduction at 8:45am and completes the procedure at 9:15am. The anesthesiologist monitors the patient until 9:30am when he releases the patient to the nurse for post operative supervision. At 9:45am the patient is fully alert and taken to recovery.How many minutes of anesthesia time should the anesthesiologist charge for?

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1 hour and 15 minutes

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