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CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 23

At the request of the mother’s obstetrician, a neonatologist is called to attend the birth of an infant being delivered at 29 weeks gestation. During delivery, the neonate was pale and bradycardic needing resuscitation. Neonatologist performs the suctioning and bag ventilation on this 1000 gram neonate was performed with 100 percent oxygen. Brachycardia worsened; endotracheal intubation was performed and insertion of an umbilical line for fluid resuscitation. Later this critically ill neonate was moved from the delivery room and admitted to the NICU with severe respiratory distress and continued hypotension. What are the appropriate procedure codes reported by the neonatologist?

  1. 99465, 99468
  2. 99465, 99464, 99468-25, 31500-59, 36510-59
  3. 99468, 99464
  4. 99465, 99468-25, 31500-59, 36510-59

Answer – 99465, 99468

Question 24

Patient is admitted in labor for delivery. She received a labor neuraxial epidural for a vaginal delivery. The baby goes into fetal distress and a cesarean section is performed. Following delivery the patient starts to hemorrhage. The physician decides, with family approval, to perform a hysterectomy. Code the anesthesia services.

  1. 01967, 00840
  2. 01962
  3. 01968
  4. 01967, 01969

Answer  -01967, 01969

Question 25

Angiograms reveal three artery blockages. The patient has COPD, which is a severe systemic disease. The patient undergoes a CABG X 3 venous grafts on cardiopulmonary bypass and cell saver. Code the anesthesia service.

  1. 00562-P3
  2. 00560-P4
  3. 00567-P3
  4. 00566-P4

Answer – 00567-P3

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