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CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 19

Operation: Replacement of shunt valve with medium pressure ventriculo-peritoneal shunt assembly with in-line 0-25 Aesculap Shunt Assistant Implant ICP Monitor.

Procedure: After obtaining general anesthesia, patient prepped and draped. Right parietal scalp incision was reopened and shunt catheter identified. The shunt reservoir was delivered from the wound and the distal catheter freed from it. Abdominal incision reopened, shunt passer was used to bring the distal catheter from the head wound to the abdominal wound. The old ventricular catheter was removed. A new ventricular-catheter was inserted into the tract of the old catheter and fed, good flow seen. It was then attached to the shunt reservoir that was then seated after attaching a 0-25 shunt assistant valve to it. The distal catheter was then fed into the peritoneal cavity. Subcutaneous tissues were closed in multi-layer fashion and skin with staples. Patient tolerated the procedure well and taken to PICU in stable condition. Code this procedure.

  1. 62223, 62225-51
  2. 62258, 62160
  3. 62230, 62225-51
  4. 62256, 62225-51

Answer – 62230, 62225-51

Question 20

Physician is performing an intracapsular cataract extraction. The anterior chamber of the eye is entered performing an anterior capsulotomy using forceps. The lens nucleus was hydrodissected and loosened. Using phacoemulsification unit, the lens nucleus was divided and emulsified. Cortical and capsular fragments were removed. The anterior chamber and capsule bag inflated. Using lens inserter an intraocular lens prosthesis, Cystalens, was inserted and rotated to the horizontal position. Topical solution applied, conjunctiva repositioned over the wound with wet field cautery and patch applied. Which CPT® code(s) should be reported?

  1. 66984, 66985
  2. 66983, 66985
  3. 66985
  4. 66983

Answer – 66983

Question 21

Physician performs a medical review and documentation on an 83-year-old patient who has been in the hospital for the last two days with confusion. Problem focused exam where she is alert and oriented x 3 today. Low medical decision making by ordering an echocardiogram and to continue IV fluids. Patient is not safe to return home. What CPT® code should be reported for this visit?

  1. 99231
  2. 99221
  3. 99224
  4. 99234

Answer – 99231

Question 22

A plastic surgeon is called to the ED at the request of the emergency department physician to evaluate a patient that arrived with multiple facial fractures that may need surgery. Patient was in an automobile accident and an opinion is needed for reconstructive surgery. The plastic surgeon arrives at the ED, obtains detailed history and performs a detailed exam. The plastic surgeon performs a moderate medical decision making, in deciding that the patient needs major surgery to repair the injuries. The plastic surgeon schedules the patient for surgery the next day and documents her full note with findings in the ED chart. The E/M service reported by the plastic surgeon is:

  1. 99284-57
  2. 99243-32
  3. 99243-57
  4. 99284-32

Answer – 99243-57

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