CPC exam questions 2017

CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 16

A laparoscopic assisted total hysterectomy is planned for a patient who has severe intramural fibroids. After inserting the laparoscope, extensive adhesions are noted to the extent that the ligaments supporting the uterus cannot be visualized. The physician decides to convert the procedure to an open abdominal hysterectomy in which the uterus and cervix are removed. What CPT® code(s) should be reported?

  1. 58262, 58570-53
  2. 58150
  3. 58260, 58550-22
  4. 58570

Answer – 58150

Question 17

Patient has consented for further testing to determine the extent of her cervical dysplasia. A cervical cone biopsy of endocervical tissue was cut using a laser. It was tagged with a single stitch. Dilation and curettage was performed. Small amount of tissue was obtained and sent to pathology.  Which procedure code(s) should be used?

  1. 57520, 58120
  2. 57461
  3. 57520
  4. 57500, 57505

Answer – 57520

Question 18

58-year-old female has lumbar degenerative spondylolisthesis with severe stenosis and instability. The spinous process of L4 and L5 are decompressed bilaterally by performing a laminectomies, right-sided forminotomies and then left-sided facetectomy completely decompressing the nerve roots as well as the dura. How is this procedure reported?

  1. 63047, 63048
  2. 63030-50, 63035-50
  3. 63017
  4. 63047-50, 63048-50

Answer – 63047, 63048

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