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CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 12

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: History of prior colon polyps POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Colon polyps, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids PROCEDURE: A rectal exam was performed and revealed small external hemorrhoids. The video colonoscope was passed without difficulty from anus to cecum. The colon was well prepped. The instrument was slowly withdrawn with good views obtained throughout. There was a 3 mm polyp in the proximal ascending colon. This polyp was removed with hot biopsy forceps and retrieved. There was a 4 mm rectal polyp located 10 cm from the anus in the proximal rectum. The polyp was removed by hot biopsy forceps. There was also moderate diverticulosis extending from the hepatic flexure to the distal sigmoid colon. Code the CPT® procedure(s).

  1. 45384
  2. 45385
  3. 45388
  4. 45384 x 2, 45378-59

Answer – 45384

Question 13

A patient with esophageal cancer is brought to the OR for subtotal esophagectomy. A thoracotomy incision is made and the esophagus is identified. The tumor is carefully dissected free of the surrounding structures. No invasion of the aorta or IVC is identified. The cervical esophagus is controlled with pursestring sutures and then transected above the sternal notch. The esophagus is then dissected free of the stomach and the entire specimen is removed from the chest cavity and sent to pathology. The stomach is then pulled into the chest cavity and anastomosed to the remaining cervical esophageal stump. The anastomosis is tested for patency and no leaks are found. Hemostasis is assured. The chest is examined for any signs of additional disease but is grossly free of cancer. The chest is closed in layers and a chest tube is place through a separate stab incision. The patient tolerated the procedure well and was taken to the PACU in stable condition.

  1. 43101
  2. 43117
  3. 43107
  4. 43112

Answer – 43112

Question 14

Patient with RUQ pain and nausea suspected of having a stone or other obstruction in the biliary tract is brought in for ERCP under radiologic guidance. Procedure: The patient was brought to the outpatient endoscopy suite and placed supine on the table. The mouth and throat were anesthetized. Under radiologic guidance, the scope was inserted through the oropharynx, esophagus, stomach, and into the small intestine. The ampulla of Vater was cannulated and filled with contrast. It was clear that there was an obstruction in the common bile duct. The endoscope was advanced retrograde to the point of the obstruction, which was found to be a stone that was removed with a stone basket. The rest of the biliary tract was visualized and no other obstructions or anomalies were found. The scope was removed without difficulty. The patient tolerated the procedure well.

  1. 47554, 74363-26
  2. 43264, 74328-26
  3. 43265, 74328-26
  4. 43275, 74329-26

Answer – 43264, 74328-26

Question 15

Newborn male is scheduled for a circumcision. He is sterilely prepped and draped; a penile nerve block is performed. The circumcision is performed by a ring device. Hemostasis is achieved. Vaseline Gauze dressing applied. Patient tolerated the procedure well. How would this encounter be coded?

  1. 54160
  2. 54150
  3. 54161, 64450
  4. 54150, 64450

Answer – 54150

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