CPC exam questions 2017

CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 9

Mr. Y presents to outpatient surgery for placement of a dual chamber pacemaker after multiple attempts to manage his bradycardia medically. Atrial and ventricular leads were placed under fluoroscopic guidance via the subclavian vein. Testing confirmed appropriate placement and conduction. The left chest was then infiltrated with Epinephrine and a pocket was opened for placement of the generator. The leads were attached to the generator and the generator was programmed. Appropriate pacing was confirmed. The skin pocket was closed in layers and dressing placed. Select the appropriate CPT® codes.

  1. 33208
  2. 33213, 33217
  3. 33235, 33208
  4. 33214

Answer – 33208

Question 10

A 62-year old female with three-vessel disease and supraventricular tachycardia, which has been refractory to other management. She previously had pacemaker placement and stenting of the coronary artery stenosis, which has failed to solve the problem. She will undergo CABG with autologous saphenous vein and a modified MAZE procedure to treat the tachycardia. The risks and benefits have been discussed and the patient wishes to proceed. She is brought to the cardiac OR and placed supine on the OR table. She is prepped and draped and adequate endotracheal anesthesia is assured. A median sternotomy incision is made and cardiopulmonary bypass is initiated. The endoscope is used to harvest an adequate length of saphenous vein from her left leg. This is uneventful and bleeding is easily controlled. The vein graft is prepared and cut to the appropriate lengths for anatomosis. Three bypasses are performed, one to the LAD, one to the circumflex and another distally on the circumflex. A modified maze procedure was then performed and the patient was weaned from bypass. Once the heart was once beating on its own again, we attempted to induce an arrhythmia and this could not be done. At this point, the sternum was closed with wires and the skin reapproximated with staples. The patient tolerated the procedure without difficulty and was taken to the PACU. Choose the procedure code(s) for this service.

  1. 33512, 33254-51, 33508
  2. 33535, 33254-51, 33508
  3. 33512, 33257, 33508
  4. 33512, 33257-51, 33508-51

Answer – 33512, 33257, 33508

Question 11

A patient comes in for surgery today to address complications from his previous partial enterectomy performed 5 months ago. Upon reopening the patient’s previous incision the surgeon resected the ileum and a portion of the colon. An ileocolostomy was performed to complete the procedure with no complications. The appropriate CPT® code to report is:

  1. 44144
  2. 44160
  3. 44150
  4. 44205

Answer – 44160

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