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CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 7

This 25-year-old male presents with deviated nasal septum. After intubation, a left hemitransfixion incision was made with elevation of the mucoperichondrium. Cartilage from the bony septum was detached and the nasoseptum was realigned and removed in a piecemeal fashion from the obstructed perpendicular plate of the ethmoid. Thereafter, 4-0 chronic was used to approximate mucous membranes. Next, submucous resection of the middle and inferior turbinates was handled in the usual fashion by removing the anterior third of the bony turbinate and lateral mucosal followed by bipolar cauterization of the posterior enlarged tip of the inferior turbinate as well as outfracturing. A small amount of silver nitrate cautery was used to achieve hemostasis. A dressing consisted of a fold of Telfa with a ventilating tube for nasal airway on each side achieved good hemostasis, patient went to recovery in good condition. What is the correct code for this procedure?

  1. 30520
  2. 30420
  3. 30620
  4. 30450

Answer – 30520

Question 8

A 67-year-old female has CAD, atrial fibrillation, claudication and several chronic conditions that have been marginally controlled with medication. The doctor decided that the benefits outweigh the risks for her having a single vessel cardiopulmonary bypass using an arterial graft. Her medication Heparin has been stopped for several days. She was admitted in the hospital a day before the surgery. In the operating room, general anesthesia was administered. After the chest is opened the patient begins to hemorrhage and drops in blood pressure. The decision is made to stop the procedure and close the chest. How should this service be coded?

  1. Service is not coded due to not completing the procedure
  2. 33533-52
  3. 33533-74
  4. 33533-53

Answer – 33533-53

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