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CPC Previous year Questions for Practice CPC 2017 with Answers -Part 1

Question 4

25-year-old male has a ruptured distal bicep tendon. An incision is made overlying the antecubital fossa. The biceps tendon was retrieved and tagged using #1 Vicryl-suture. The second incision made on the superior border of the ulna. The supinator was incised deep to expose the radial tuberosity. Threaded suture from the anterior incision through to the posterolateral incison and brought the biceps up to the radial tuberosity. A drill hole was made followed by a tap and seated 5mm corkscrew into the radial tuberosity. Two sutures placed in the biceps tendon in horizontal mattress type fashion separately to tie down the suture. Closure was then accomplished with sutures and staples. What is the correct code for this procedure?

  1. 24342
  2. 24340
  3. 23430
  4. 23440

Answer – 24342

Question 5

Patient complains of chronic/acute arm and shoulder pain following bilateral carpal tunnel surgery. Patient is followed by pain management for over a year. Physician finally diagnoses patient with reflex dystrophy syndrome (RSD). Physician performs six trigger point injections into four muscle groups. Code the procedure(s).

  1. 20552
  2. 20553 x 6
  3. 20551 x 6
  4. 20553

Answer – 20553

Question 6

A Grade I, high velocity open right femur shaft fracture was incurred when a 15-year-old female pedestrian was hit by a car. She was taken to the operating room within four hours of her injury for thorough irrigation and debridement, including excision of devitalized bone. The patient was then reprepped, redraped, and repositioned. Intramedullary rodding was then carried out with proximal and distal locking screws. What are the correct codes for this diagnosis and procedure?

  1. 27506, 11044-51, 821.11, E814.7
  2. 27506, 11012-51, 821.11, E814.7
  3. 27507, 11012-51, 821.01, E814.7
  4. 27507, 11044-51, 821.10, E814.7

Answer – 27506, 11012-51, 821.11, E814.7

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