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ICD 10 Questions

Practice Questions for 2018 – ICD – 10 CM

  1.  Patient presents with a sore throat and fever for 2 days. Assessment: Positive strep test with a diagnosis of tonsillitis.
  2. A female patient comes in with vaginal itching and burning on urination. Wet prep is positive for yeast vaginitis.
  3. A patient with a malignant neoplasm of the right ovary is being treated by the oncologist for anemia due to tumor.
  4. A patient states that she was begun to have symptoms of her depression again. she is tired, having trouble concentrating, and often agitated. she has a persistent low mood and lack of interest in activities. She is diagnosed with recurrence of her mild depression.
  5. Patient presents after working out and doing sit ups. She is experiencing musculoskeletal pain. She is diagnoses with muscle strain of abdominal muscles.
  6. A man with prostate cancer comes to the hospital for his second radiation therapy treatment.
  7. A former smoker is seen for a follow up. He has coronary artery disease with unstable angina.
  8. A 14 year old patient is seen in the ED for 1st degree burn on his right buttock. He was running away from a firework that tipped over and it struck him. He was at home in the yard.
  9. A patient comes in for her mammogram results. The patient is found to have microcalcifications.
  10. Patient present for vaginal bleeding for the last couple months, at irregular times other than when she is having her period. She is not in pain, and this generally occurs after intercourse. GYN exam is performed and a cervical polyp is seen in the cervical OS. The polyp is removed with ring forceps and sent to pathology.
  11. Patient presents with left shoulder pain after lifting heavy boxes in the attic. She did not fall but struck the wall. On exam  she can not raise the arm or place it behind her back without pain. She is diagnosed with a muscle strain of the left shoulder.
  12. A female patient is seen for obesity.
  13. An asthmatic patient presents for a check up. She has mild persistent asthma that is currently well controlled. She does, however, continue to smoke cigarettes. She states she has tried to quit, but just can’t. She is dependent, having smoked for 25 years.
  14. A patient comes in for a 22 week G2P1 complains of vaginal discharge. Wet prep shows Candida Vaginitis and the patient is instructed to use mycolog cream externally.
  15. A patient is seen by the ENT for chronic ethmoidal sinusitis.




  1. J03.00
  2. B37.3
  3. C56.1, D63.0
  4. F33.0
  5. S39.011A
  6. Z51.0, C61
  7. I25.110, Z87.79
  8. T21.15XA
  9. R92.0
  10. N84.1
  11. S46.912A
  12. E66.9
  13. J45.30
  14. O23.592, Z3A.22, B37.3
  15. J32.2